You Don’t Need to Wear a Scary Costume to Be Monstrous This Halloween (You Are Monstrous the Way You Are)

This is cool. Human beings need to be true to themselves at some point in time, I guess.

boy with a hat

We humans, we are monstrous.

We kill spiders, moths, ants, and other minibeasts without remorse.

We shoot birds for sport. (And boars and bears and tigers and elephants and other animals, too.)

We raise chickens only so we can twist their necks and roast them and devour them. (To say nothing of cattle, sheep, and pigs.)

We pluck roses and tulips and other flowers just so we can smell them for a second and then we forsake them in a vase, leaving them to wither.

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I’m not really a fan of cliches, but I have no idea on how to start this. I decided to make a blog, mainly for personal purposes and well, I actually have no idea. I just wanted to share my thoughts and something of the sort. Also, I can be compared to a balloon which is about to explode if I don’t release some of the pressure building up inside of me. English isn’t really my first language so I would like to apologize if I would cause anyone who read this a severe headache. My identity isn’t important, neither is my thoughts. I’m also new to this so please be kind with me. See ya.


Right, I forgot to say. If it’s about what i would soon be posting, it depends on my mood and what I have in mind. Expect pure randomness and if possible, don’t try to expect anything good.